Moving On Up: Tips to Make Your Move a Positive Experience

by Dickerson Nieman on January 22, 2015

moving tipsAt Dickerson Nieman, we love to hear new people are moving to Rockford, Illinois or its surrounding communities. However, we also know moving can be overwhelming and stressful, particularly for families with children or elderly relatives. A move can be a positive experience, but only with the right tools. Today, Dickerson Nieman wants to share a few of those tools and tips with you.

Prepare Everyone

A move is not something you want to announce a week before the big event. This often leads to shock, anger, and confusion. Instead, get all the information you can and share it as soon as possible. If you know in January that you might have to relocate in June, say a move is a possibility and promise to keep everyone informed. If by March your move is definite and you have a location, announce where your relocation is and how long you have to get ready. For young children, a calendar or chart may help this process.

Pick a Good Timeframe

If at all possible, control the time of year you’ll move. It’s easiest to move kids and teens during summer break or winter vacation so they can start a new year or semester at the beginning rather than playing catch-up all year. If anyone has health issues, it may be best to move during warmer months when general illness exposure is down.

If you can’t control when you’ll move, keep communication open. If you’re changing jobs, speak to your new supervisor about what will help you settle in. Speak with your children’s current and new teachers about any information they might need and what your kids can expect. The same is true for current and new doctors, dentists, or caregivers.

Focus on the Fun

No matter how exciting a move seems, leaving behind the familiar is often sad and scary for adults and children alike. Familiarize yourself with the attractions of your new area. Talk to your Realtor or your new home’s seller about popular activities or fun traditions your family will enjoy. When talking about the new place, keep everyone’s interests in mind. If you have a teen who likes to read, talk about nearby bookstores and libraries. If your son loved little league in his old town, sign him up in the new one.

Travel Well

One of the longest and most stressful parts of moving is the trip to the new home. For some this only means a trip across town, but packing and unpacking can still cause stress. Make a packing schedule as a family and give each member his or her own personal suitcase or bag of favorite things to keep at all times. If a long car ride or air travel is necessary, prepare accordingly, especially if you’re bringing pets or plants. If you must ship items, get an approximate date for delivery time. Once you reach your new home, unpack any necessities as well as items that will help everyone feel comfortable.


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Duey Hoff, Broker Dickerson & Nieman Realtors

Duey Hoff has made an impact on RVC Athletics in every way possible for over 45 years. He played both basketball and baseball at RVC (1968-1970) and would later return to coach the men’s basketball team, first as an assistant coach (1973) and later as head coach (1983-1985). For the past 28 years, Hoff has served as president of the RVC Athletics Booster Club.

On the basketball court, Hoff’s specialty was rebounding. He led the 1969-70 team in rebounds with a 13.1 average and for his career at RVC averaged over 10 rebounds per game in helping his teams to back-to-back 23 win seasons.

His impact on the RVC Athletics program as Booster Club President can hardly be measured. His leadership has been invaluable and vital to the success of RVC Athletics for nearly 30 years. It was Hoff who launched the Booster Club’s successful annual Taste the Hops fundraiser, which will return for its 17th year in 2015. He also organizes the Booster Club’s annual RVC Golf Classic fundraiser every summer as well as other smaller events throughout the year. Behind his leadership, the Booster Club has been able to help the RVC Athletics program purchase national championship rings (for 13 teams since 1996!) and help fund spring trips for the baseball, softball, and tennis teams over the years.

Hoff works as a realtor for Dickerson Nieman Realtors where he has been honored as a Silver, Gold & Diamond award winner (2000-2003). He has also served for 10 years as a Special Olympics committee member and for four years as BNI (Business Network International) President and committee member.

Duey Hoff pictured in the center.

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ROCKFORD — The Rock Valley College Athletics Hall of Fame will hold an induction ceremony for its 2014 class from 5:30 to 10 p.m. Jan. 23 at Franchesco’s Ristorante, 7128 Spring Creek Road.

The inductees are 12 former Rock Valley College athletes, including: Hubert Baker, ‘73; Lindle Dailey, ‘69; Cindy Diamond, ‘71; Sherry Diamond, ‘69; Duey Hoff, ’70; Bill Lewis, ‘70; Shawna Mitchell, ‘84; Larry Sidney, ‘70; Rita Stevens, ‘76; Roosevelt Watkins, ‘76; Jim Yeager, ‘69; and Larry Young, ‘73.

The inductees also will be honored Jan. 24 between the women’s and men’s basketball games at Rock Valley College.

Registration required. Tickets: $30. For information and to purchase tickets: 815-921-3801.

Read more:
RVC Athletics Hall of Fame to Induct 12 Former Athletes  – Including Dickerson & Nieman’s Own Duey Hoff

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