City of Rockford – Giving a Tax Refund!

by Leann Nelson on April 7, 2016

City of Rockford - Giving a Tax Refund!

City of Rockford

Considering a home purchase? Then you need to know about the Homebuyer’s Property Tax Refund Program, a first-of-its-kind initiative to give property tax relief to buyers of distressed or newly built homes.

Buying a Home in Rockford Could PAY!

Buying a Home in Rockford Could PAY!

For a house valued at $100,000 that could mean up to $4,000 in tax relief each year for a period of 3 years. That’s actual, in-your-hand, no-catch cash that you use for home improvement, save, or spend any way you want!


Buy a distressed house — or build a brand new house — in the City of Rockford between March 17th and December 31, 2016.

Pay your property taxes as normal.

The City of Rockford pays back those property taxes in a lump sum at the end of the year — every year for three years.

Find out more:

City of Rockford Property Tax Refund

City of Rockford Property Tax Refund


The decision to buy or sell a home is one of the largest financial transactions most people will undertake in their lifetime. Over the last four decades, we at Dickerson & Nieman have been committed to helping our clients get the job done correctly, always at the best price, in the shortest amount of time and with the most favorable terms and conditions.

Our reputation for quality service is what has made us the Rock River Valley’s #1 Real Estate Firm since 1998.  You can count on Dickerson & Nieman to put at your service a first class team of real estate professionals, not just our agents, but our management team and our support staff as well.

Home sellers, builders and developers, all turn to us because real estate is our business, and we’re very good at what we do! For years, families transferring in and out of our area have come to us for their relocation needs. Top award winning agents have joined us because of our reputation and integrity within our industry.

For over forty years, Dickerson & Nieman Realtors has been serving buyers and sellers in Winnebago, Boone, and Ogle counties. Each of our five offices (Rockford, Belvidere, Roscoe, Oregon and Byron) are locally managed and staffed. Our greatest asset, our agents, is the reason Dickerson & Nieman has become the largest real estate firm in our area and one of the top residential real estate firms in the country.


Some Important Facts We Want You to Know About Dickerson & Nieman Realtors:

  • With over 140 agents, Dickerson & Nieman is the Rock River Valley’s (Winnebago, Boone and Ogle Counties) largest real estate firm.
  • Dickerson & Nieman is where a majority of this area’s top producing and award winning agentswork.
  • We are independent. We are not part of a national franchise. We are locally owned and we have been serving the real estate needs of thousands and thousands of people over the last forty years.
  • Our agents attend weekly business meetings where they are informed of all that is happening in our market. We bring in community and industry leaders regularly to speak to our agents. Ongoing training and education is mandatory at Dickerson & Nieman.
  • Each week after business meetings, Dickerson & Nieman agents at each of our offices actually tour all of the new Dickerson & Nieman listings in their area. For sellers, this is like having many private showings. These tours allow our team of agents to become familiar with your property so they can quickly let their buyers know that your home is on the market.
  • We believe in the need to advertise and market our listings. Dickerson & Nieman currently spends almost a half million dollars annually promoting our listings.


Become a Realtor! Realtor Classes Offered Here

by Leann Nelson on April 6, 2016

Become a Realtor – Learn from the best with Realtor Pre-licensing Classes offered right here at our Rockford office. 6277 E. Riverside Blvd., Rockford, IL

Become a Realtor – Classes Offered Here at Dickerson & Nieman!

3 Classes to choose from
6-week Course
$500 Course Fee (includes book)
$50 Deposit will hold seat and allow you to pick up your book early!
Contact Jane Eurek, Broker today for more informationRealtor - Classes 815-544-8217   Realtor - Classes
Visit us online: CareerHere.REALTOR

Learn from the Best!
Real Estate Licensing Class Starting soon! Call to Reserve Your Seat!

If you’re interested in a career at the top Rockford area office, please give us a call at 815.381.1143

email us:

Quick Links: Agent Testimonials | Is a Real Estate Career Right for You |Licensing Requirements | The Pathways to Professionalism

Why Choose Dickerson & Nieman?

Just Ask Our Agents!

“I joined the Dickerson & Nieman family in 2005. I knew several agents, so making the decision wasn’t difficult. One of the many reasons for choosing this company was the fact that the training and learning didn’t stop when I passed the Realtor exams. D&N gives its agents support through a very experienced management team. They provide a training/mentorship program that not only helps you transition into the industry but provides ample opportunity to grow your new business.

From the first day, I felt like I was part of a large family. The President of the company makes the rounds in the office. He asks questions and provides industry wisdom. His open door policy and willingness to help is the reason this company is Number 1!

I look forward to going to work. I enjoy my job and the ‘family of agents’ I work with… If you are looking for a career that allows you the opportunity to help change and enrich peoples lives and you are willing to set goals, work hard and have fun doing it…Then come join the Dickerson Nieman Realtors Family!”
~Mori Jo Meling, Broker

“I am so happy to be at Dickerson & Nieman Realtors for many reasons. First, as far as my business, I always have a confidence when dealing with a customer that we have the most to offer them as our client. Next, regarding the inner workings of the company itself…I am very glad to be with a company whose agents value each other; staff who always help us (even in a pinch) with grace and a smile; managers who offer their expertise and guidance with positivity; and last but not least…ownership who is always supportive, engaged, and something that many times gets overlooked today…genuine. I am proud to be able to say I work for Dickerson & Nieman Realtors.”
~Christi Steines, Broker

“I have been a licensed Realtor for over 30 years and have worked for four different companies during that time. I have found my experience at Dickerson & Nieman to be the most rewarding both career wise and financially. The support the agents receive from top down is great. The ownership is always willing to go the extra mile to help the agents succeed. The company offers constant training to better prepare their agents to perform their duties in a professional and knowledgeable manner. The atmosphere I have experienced is one of a caring family of agents that are always willing to lend a hand. I plan to finish my career with Dickerson & Nieman and enjoy every day. I would highly recommend this company to any agent who is looking for the best real estate firm of all.”
~Mike Long, Broker



 Realtor - Classes

So, you want to be a real estate agent?

Successful agents have certain traits in common…..skills that make them better at what they do.

Some can be taught…some come naturally.

How do YOU stack up?

  • Are You flexible? Can you adapt to changes quickly?  You’ll need to in this industry.  Working with buyers and sellers…anything can happen.  You need to be able to handle a variety of changes on a day-to-day basis.  Real estate sales do not always go smoothly and practitioners must routinely deal with set-backs and disappointments, as well as success.
  • Are you comfortable with English language comprehension and proficiency?   Real estate practitioners play a fundamental role in ensuring that documents are correctly prepared and properly reflect the wishes of the parties.  You’ll need to be comfortable with and be able to understand, draft and explain real estate agreements, listings and other forms common to the profession.
  • How are your Math Skills?  Basic math fundamental skills are required.  Multiplication, division, fractions, and factors are used when measuring structures and land, as well as appraising property and arranging mortgage financing.
  • Are you Organized? Do you have the ability to organize your personal affairs as well as conduct business activity in a logical and efficient manner?  These qualities are needed in obtaining listings, showing properties, handling offers and conducting negotiations.
  • Are you comfortable with research? Do you know how to locate, read and understand legal documents?  Are you familiar with basic document structures?  You will need this skill when researching materials concerning property ownership.
  • Do you have good problem solving skills?   An ability to address difficulties and arrive at plausible, practical solutions given conflicting interest of parties involved.  This attribute is especially useful in listing and selling activities.  Often the success or failure of a real estate transaction will hinge on this skill.
  • Are you comfortable with new technologies? An understanding of computer hardware and software is  necessary.  Computers are commonplace in internal brokerage operations, property searches and marketing.  Your long-term success is directly tied to technological competencies.
  • Negotiating ability – is an important factor in any real estate transaction.  Sales people are routinely called upon to negotiate on behalf of the buyer and/or seller to arrive at mutually agreeable terms.
  • Interview Techniques – a basic understanding of questioning methods.  Real estate success often depends on asking the right question at the right time.  This skill is most valued in situations involving buyers and the determination of their purchasing needs. It is becoming more important in dealing with sellers who may be on the brink of foreclosure or might only be able to sell with lender participation – a short sale.
  • Rapport –is the hallmark of the successful sales person.  Individuals must establish a trust level with buyers, sellers and other real estate agents.  Rapport involves respect, good communication and listening skills.

A lot of these skills can be taught to a new licensee – the math required, researching, technology and interviewing and negotiating skills and techniques.  What cannot be taught are the ethics and morals involved.  Real estate agents are held to a higher degree of honesty in the handling of their business… it right, or don’t do it.  We swear to hold up the high standards of the Realtors Code of Ethics in dealing with the public and each other.

Real Estate is a People Business, involving one of the biggest, the most emotional and the most expensive decisions buyers and sellers will make.  Liking people, wanting to help people, having patience and energy are good stepping stones for a successful real estate career.

Real Estate agents need to be available when their clients need them….at night, on weekends and/or holidays.  The mind set here is:  Entrepreneur, not employee or sales person.   Learn the product (know the market).  Take time to become familiar with concerns potential buyers might have:  crime statistics, school information, health care, neighborhood amenities.

Real Estate offices are different.  Some are franchises, some are multi-offices, and they go from 1 agent to hundreds.  The best advice for choosing an office?  Go where you can get the best training.  Commission splits and advertising should not be WHAT you make your decision on.  If you have the right training, everything else should fall into place for you.  Interview agents at Open Houses and talk to the Broker for the office.  But make your decision on WHERE YOU GET THE TRAINING!!!


  • Have your High School Diploma or successfully complete a GED class.
  • Be 21 years of age at the time of testing.
  • Successfully complete a 90-hour basic real estate transaction class.  Pass with a 75%.
  • Successfully complete the state exam with a 75%.

The state test is given twice daily at H&R Block by Schnucks at the corner of Riverside and North Main.

There are many places to take this pre-licensing class.  Most large real estate companies offer them.  They can be taken by a home-study.  They can be taken on line.  Most classes will meet two evenings a week.

The classes sponsored by Dickerson Nieman Realtors are usually offered many times a year.

Many of the licensing schools use the same textbook.  The difference in the schools is the instructor.  Make sure the instructor has experience in the real estate business.  Ask for references from past students.  Ask the instructor what his/her pass rate for the state exam is.

Your class will cover real property vs. personal property, contract law, mortgages and financing, appraisals, the brokerage business, the law of agency, title insurance, math prorations, real estate taxes, ownership and other information.  Expect to study at least 3-4 hours between classes.

*The Dickerson & Nieman Realtors’ instructor is licensed through the Realtors Real Estate School.


Realtor - Classes

  • Follow the GoldenRule.
  • Respond promptly to inquiries and request for information.
  • Schedule appointments as far in advance as possible.
  • Call listing office if you are delayed or must cancel an appointment.
  • Let the listing agent know immediately if the buyer opts to not view a home.
  • Communicate with all parties in a timely fashion.
  • Leave your business card.
  • Never criticize property while in the home.
  • Inform occupants that you are leaving after a showing.
  • Always ring the doorbell or knock before entering a property or a room.
  • Present a professional appearance at all times.  Drive a clean car.
  • Don’t use phone or bathroom without asking owners.
  • Encourage the clients of other brokers to direct questions to their agent.
  • Communicate clearly.  Don’t use industry slang or jargon.
  • Respect cultural differences.
  • Show courtesy and respect to everyone.
  • Be aware of and meet all deadlines.
  • Promise ONLY what you can deliver and keep your promises.
  • Identify your status as a Realtor®.
  • Do NOT tell people what you think – tell them what you KNOW. Never allow buyers to enter property unaccompanied.
  • At showings, keep all members of the group together.
  • Enter properly ONLY with permission.
  • Leave property as you found it.
  • Be considerate of the seller’s property.  Watch the kids.
  • Notify listing broker if error on listing card.
  • Do NOT prospect for clients at other agents’ open houses.
  • Carefully replace keys in lockbox after showings.
  • Mutual respect is essential for success.
  • Real estate is a REPUTATION business.  What you do today may follow you forever!


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